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Tutoring services

Weekly Homeschool Tutorial (Fall & Spring Only)

Reading Hour (Summer Only)

One-on-One Reading Tutoring

k-2Summer Reading hour

Join me for summer reading hour Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday  July 9 - August 9. Your K-2 student will practice phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, writing and grammar skills throughout the summer by engaging in fun reading activities. Drop off for the hour. Run errands or enjoy some quiet time while I provide hands-on reading activities for your K-2 student. All materials (including a light snack and coloring time) will be provided! 

When: 10-11a.m. 

Where: Brooklyn Park, MD (exact address will be provided upon registration and fee remission)

Cost: $45/week

Kids Reading Outdoor
Reading in Tent

K-8 Reading Tutor

Unlock the world of reading with our comprehensive tutoring services designed to master foundational skills. From phonics to fluency, our tutors guide students through every step of the reading journey. We help students build a solid foundation in decoding, comprehension, and critical thinking. Your scholar will experience personalized tutoring sessions tailored to your child's unique reading needs and learning style. Inquire now to embark on a structured learning path covering phonemic awareness, vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary development. In a few short sessions, watch your child's confidence soar as they develop essential reading skills through our targeted tutoring approach.


  • Tutoring is scheduled for ONE 45-minute one-on-one session per week ($50 per session). 

  • Tutoring is scheduled in 6 week sessions/packages only ($300). 

  • Scholars will have access to a digital classroom for resources, practice activities, and to communicate with tutor.

  • Tues-Thurs; Day, Afternoon and Evening Hours Available

Spring Session #1 2024: Jan 8-February 16

Spring Session #2 2024: February 26- April 5

Break -April 8-April 12

Spring Session #3 2024: April 15-May 24

Summer Session 2024: July 9-August 9

Fall Session #1 2024: Dates coming soon!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Nature Class


Taught by Certified, Veteran Educator

​Our homeschool tutorial is a secular group, which welcomes diversity in all its forms. Our participants respect and honor all our families, regardless of race or ethnicity,  religious beliefs, socio-economic status, and homeschooling style.  We encourage awareness and respect through discussions, modeling, and normalizing language.

We offer exciting weekly Health, ELA and Humanities classes, as well as access to our digital classroom, social activities, and fieldtrips.  Our classes are taught by a highly qualified, certified, veteran teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience!



Tutorial classes are intended to assist in supplementing your home curriculum by driving instruction as the "spine" for that subject. Learning is continued at home during the week through assigned work/practice that extend the classroom lessons. Most curriculum is provided in e-format. Parents are required to print materials each week for class. Your child has two tutors: one in the classroom (me), and you at home. We ask that you continue learning at home, working and discussing assignments together,  providing organization,  scaffolding independence, and holding your child accountable by reviewing and assisting as your child needs. 


Any final decisions on grades are made by you, the homeschool supervisor for your family.  You are welcome to solicit feedback, however, when making these decisions. Ultimately, you hold the clearest insight into level of efforts 6/7 days at home. Assignments are optional,  but strongly encouraged (and will be provided) as additional practice is crucial to your child's learning experience. 

Teaching sitting children

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