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Homeschool Fieldtrips, Staycations & more! Don't Let COVID Ruin Valuable Experiences & Opportunities

Since COVID, I have been losing my mind trying to figure out fieldtrip ideas since our usual places were shut down; all of my local memberships (Aquarium, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Zoo, Port Discovery, Black History Museum) gone to waste. I started writing down every place that we've visited and every place we wanted to visit. I then moved on to fieldtrips that we've have taken and experiences we have had over the years. I didn't want summer or the end of our homeschool year to be ruined so this is my ever-growing list of fieldtrips, staycations, and experiences that you can likely still happen in spite of COVID; it may take some extra planning but it can be done. Check it out!

  • Fieldtrips:

  1. Bank

  2. Post Office

  3. Bakery

  4. Skating Rink

  5. Local Hospital

  6. College

  7. TV Station

  8. Newspaper

  9. Aquarium

  10. Zoo

  11. Bowling

  12. Science Center

  13. Botanical Gardens

  14. Train Ride

  15. Soup Kitchen

  16. Festival

  17. Nursing Home

  18. Local Monument

  19. Farmer's Market

  20. Museums

  21. Virtual Field Trip


  1. Backyard Camping/Glamping

  2. Waterpark

  3. Beach

  4. Sleepover

  5. Drive-in (backyard)

  6. Visit a State Park

  7. Tour Local Natural Wonders

  8. At Home Spa Day

  9. Neighborhood (Photo) Scavenger Hunt


  1. Paint nite/Art class (try a new art technique i.e. Stained Glass, Graffit)

  2. Tree Trek/Rope Climbing

  3. City Scavenger Hunt

  4. Cooking Class

  5. Boxing (or any new sport)

  6. Science Experiments

  7. Trampoline Park

  8. Rockclimbing

  9. Private Swimming, Snorkeling, Surfing or Scuba Lessons

  10. Private Archery Lessons/Class

  11. Dodgebow

  12. Minigolf

  13. Helicopter Ride

  14. Sportscar Drive

  15. Go Kart

We are adding more every week!

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